Milan, April 17, 2023

WasteCraft, the new Dutch Circular Design brand, opens the eyes of the (design) world by keeping waste recognizable in design during Salone del Mobile 2023.

With the exhibition of three product series, all made from recycled plastic caps, they let waste tell the whole story; from waste to design at a glance.

According to WasteCraft, designers can take a much more prominent role in making the world more sustainable when they become more aware of the value of keeping waste recognizable in design. When waste is visually recognizable in design, by turning it into a visual design quality, a product itself tells the story of recycling. In this way, this product contributes to awareness and enthusiasm to deal more sustainably with materials.

This vision was first applied in WasteBoards, skateboards made from recycled plastic caps, from which WasteCraft was born. The used recycled plastic bottle caps with printed logos remain visually recognizable until the end of the manufacturing process. People who get their hands on this skateboard can see the entire recycling process unfold in their minds: from waste in the trash to a super cool skateboard.

“When people see that the waste is in the design, you see that the entire recycling process takes place in their minds. It’s great to see that people understand the value of waste in one go. You don’t have to explain anything to them anymore.”

Rogier Heijning. Creative Director WasteCraft.

Although WasteCraft has only just presented itself at Dutch Design Week 2022 with a small collection of different commissioned products, it already knows how to enter into interesting collaborations with major brands such as Karl Lagerfeld, Unilever and Telenet. Last year, the design brand focused on companies and organizations to turn part of their waste stream into design. Not to solve their sustainability problem, but to create “conversation starters” to help these companies tell their sustainability story in a more inspiring way.

“We do not solve a sustainability problem, but create conversation starters to make sustainability stories inspiring.”
Sven Noordhoek. CEO WasteCraft.

WasteCraft can best be described as a mission-driven design brand through a powerful communication insight. And that has led to innovative manuscripts.

For the Salone del Mobile 2023 exhibition, WasteCraft has for the first time produced its own collection of 3 design products, all three made from recycled bottle caps: WasteBoards, 2 series of side tables and 2 light objects.

During the Salone del Mobile 2023, WasteCraft participates in the Circolare exhibition by design community Isola. This exhibition can be found in Piazza City Lombardia, Milan from Tuesday April 17 to Sunday April 23 and is open from 9am to 6pm.

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