WasteCraft joins the first Dutch Circular Design exhibition at Salone del Mobile 2024.

Milan, Italy 2024 – In a groundbreaking showcase at the Salone del Mobile 2024, WasteCraft, part of the Dutch Circular Design movement, has unveiled an innovative approach to sustainability in design. Through the exhibition of four product series crafted from recycled plastic caps, WasteCraft has set a new standard for sustainable design, emphasizing the importance of keeping waste materials recognizable in their products.

WasteCraft’s unique philosophy centers on the belief that designers play a crucial role in promoting sustainability by incorporating visually recognizable waste materials into their designs. This approach not only transforms waste into visually appealing design elements but also serves as an educational tool, highlighting the journey from waste to design. WasteCraft
s exhibition effectively demonstrates how recycled materials can tell their own story, fostering a deeper appreciation and understanding of recycling processes among consumers.

The brand’s commitment to sustainable design was first manifested in WasteBoards, innovative skateboards made from recycled plastic caps. These skateboards showcase the recycling process in a tangible form, with the recycled plastic bottle caps and their printed logos remaining visible throughout the manufacturing process. This visual storytelling enables consumers to visualize the transformation of waste into valuable design objects, enhancing their awareness of recycling and sustainable practices.

Rogier Heijning, Creative Director of WasteCraft, emphasized the impact of this design approach: When people see waste incorporated into the design, they instantly comprehend the recycling process. It’s fascinating to witness their realization of waste’s value without the need for further explanation.

Since its debut at Dutch Design Week 2022, WasteCraft has embarked on collaborations with major brands, including Karl Lagerfeld, Unilever, and Telenet, leveraging design to create meaningful conversations around sustainability. By transforming waste streams into design products, WasteCraft aims not to solve sustainability issues directly but to inspire dialogues about sustainability through captivating design.

Sven Noordhoek, CEO of WasteCraft, stated, Our goal is not merely to address sustainability challenges but to inspire through design, turning sustainability narratives into compelling conversation starters.

For Salone del Mobile 2024, WasteCraft presented its new vazes collection for the first time, made from recycled bottle caps: WasteBoards, The whole collection was showcased at the Dutch Ciircular Design exhibition hosted by the Lynk & Co club Milano. It highlighted WasteCraft’s mission-driven approach and its ability to innovate within the circular design space.

Do you want to join the vernissage at April 15 at the Lynk & Co club Milano? Please send us a rsvp: rsvp@lynkco.com

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